Rupert Cobb is often described in the industry as a renaissance man equally at home working at the sharp end of the audio or visual world.

Musician, Record Producer, Film editor, Mix engineer; the list is endless. “It’s not that I’m a Jack of all trades, it’s far simpler than that. Once you understand it’s all wave forms, skills within the art are pretty transferable. A waveform is a waveform whether you’re playing the trumpet or pointing a light. A lens is a microphone for your eyes, it’s all more similar than you first imagine and when I hear a good song I see pictures to go with it”

After touring throughout the world Rupert found himself more and more working in the studio with prominent and breaking artists producing audio and visual content for every major record label.

Rupert further honed his studio skills during his time on the show ‘Live From Abbey Road’, recording artists such as The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Paul Simon, Elbow, Muse and Herbie Hancock – most of which was mixed down in his facilities in Sussex.