Explanation and Rider

Below is just a list of tips and rants related to Logic Pro and Pro Tools. These are no frill easy to print pages. This is not a manual, it is just issues that I come across on a day-to-day basis. Take in what you want and ignore what you like. Some of the issues raised here might be sorted by the time you read them so always check for yourself. You’ll Probably find spelling mistakes galore  and bad grammar that you have to read a few times upside down but bear in mind that I’m usually writing this stuff on a packed train, lift or plane and that it is free! 

Oh and some of the info here is way out of date and I have left it here for people using older versions of logic. I think it unfair to only include data for the latest version as people on a tight budget or who do not need all the new features might be quite happy with there version 4 logic. It is also worth bearing in mind logic 8 is not backwards compatible and has lost the save as 4.8 button. I will resist the urge to cynically rant at the reasoning behind this . . . 

Please if you disagree with anything. . . this stuff is only my opinion and stuff I have learnt as a musician and producer. Hopefully anyone reading this is also a producer as well as a consumer or you’ll just get bigger and bigger;-) and then go pop and not in a good way! So try not to take it personal if I knock the software that you have used or developed. Oh and if you have anything you have found thats interesting or any questions  feel free to email me. If you  meet me in a crowded universe and anything has been useful here buy me a drink or a pizza but not pepperoni cause that gives me wind. I put info here in the hope that it is helpful to someone and as a fingers up to people that think you put yourself out of work by helping people and sharing knowledge. If you dont share it you die alone !

Peace Rupe X 

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