Just recorded trumpet for a sting in the new Pudsey movie (for Simon Woodgate composer Vertigo Films). The brief was bond like brass big and ambient.

I was going to do it at Abbey Road Studios but it seemed like quite a way to go for a couple of hours of work that might or might not make the cut. The plan was always to , once we had a day of edits to record, to book a day in the wonderful ambience of Abbey Road Studio 2 but after sampling the acoustics of the infinite cove at Gun Hill Studios, Im gonna stick to recording my horn there when ever they can fit me in. 

I think the point I am making to young and up and coming film composers , musicians and sound engineers, is there is more than one way to skin a trumpet and you can find great ambience in the strangest of places. Whilst Gun Hill Studios was not designed for audio but more for photography, film and Video they have, accidentally or by design, created a unique sonic which lends itself to the recording of acoustic instruments. Something that a lot of recording studios i could name  fail to do, being pre occupied with separation and the dampening of the very thing an instrument was designed to do. 

Just thinking out loud really I get a lot of questions re recording environments and you never know the answer might be under your nose Have a great creative day everyone ;-)

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