Native Instruments Maschine virtual beat box plug in and control surface

Despite my reservations towards softsynths I have to say that in my opinion Native Instruments Maschine is one of the most important developments from a beat perspective for years.

More to follow when I get a day off. Lets face it the mouse is not the most inspiring piece of aparatus none to man. Nor is a flat screen. Whilst computers can be our creative allis they can also push you in a direction which does not necessarily suit your creative flow. I have always encouraged people working in a DAW to have less software they know better rather than playing the “who’s got the most cracks they don't know game“

I have also said that budget permitting, get one real synth and learn it properly. This will help you understand whats in the box and from a creative point of you and increase your productivity. Put the mouse down, grab some real knobs and feel the sound change. 

FEEL don't look ;-)

Ok now finally my Maschine rant. Why is it so great ? For starters it wont be everyones cup of tea but for anyone with MPC experience or that likes something more tactile than a mouse its a real gem.

For now Im gonna list the key points and then expand this rant later. For those of you already familiar with Maschine some of this will seem very basic ;-)

1. The ultimate virtual MPC without any of the drawbacks. Imagine having your MPC beat box sitting by your computer and you’ve worked up a real cool groove but hey you’ve run out of time, theres a train to catch. Close your laptop out of the door cause the beat you’ve made with the hardware exists in the software, regardless of whether the funky usb controller is plugged in. You can even carry on editing on the train within the computer, providing your headphones can drown out the woman complaining about the late train and the drunk guy trying to smoke in the toilet.

2. Instant feedback. Anything you edit on the controller is instantly reflected on the maschine software on your computer.

  1. A fantastic library of drum kits and sounds with a virtually perfect implementation of a browser. Pretty much all the key influential drum machines are included and accessable with great speed here. Anyone working in any form of beat music from Hip Hop to Dub Step will know the importance of being able to grab that 808 or 909 sound at the drop of a hat and the ability to audition whilst scrolling through the library is second to none
  2. Proper hardware step editing. This is something I have been missing for years. The ability to look down at a grid and pop beats on and off without a mouse in site. I used to use my Ravolution 309 for this even mapped it to the EXS24 just for the sake of being able to just randomly switch on and off on a grid of 16 or 12 or 24 ;-) This will not make sense to everyone. Ill have to do a little video when I get a mo ;-)
  3. Its great to get sampling back out of the box. Even if its only virtually out of the box. ;-)
  4. Its great to have an MPC this powerful standalone also available as a plugin. You can build ya beats stand alone and then open them as a plugin with your DAW. How Fantastic is that ?
  5. Drag and drop. Yep you can drag from Machine into your DAW either as Audio or Midi

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