So after much speculation apple finally release Logic Pro X. As I have not had the opportunity to evaluate which bugs have been fixed I will stick to issues of compatibiliy

So lets see what apple have dropped as to me this is always far more crucial than new features.

Firstly the minimum OS is 10.8.4 so anyone on snow leopard will have to upgrade or get off the train. I know it takes more resources to right code that works across several operating systems but many third party companies still do this whilst apple keep marching forward with little concern for anyone who wont conform.

Why does this matter ? Well for starters the last OS with Rosetta is Snow Leopard which means that if you have any software or plugins that require this they will not run on any OS newer than that. So if you are using anything that you are passionate about and development has been halted on stay where you are.

Right lets move onto the other major thing that has been dropped. Logic is now 64 bit only, now you dont have to worry about the occasionally buggy 32 bit bridge because its totally bug free now by its absence. Yes apple have taken away all 32bit support unless Im mistaken which is always a possibility ;-)

So if you have any 32bit plug ins DONT UPGRADE or upgrade on a different boot if you want to fiddle about with the new feature whilst all the other software companies that dont go bankrupt make 64 bit versions. Once again keep in mind that some companies will not be doing this so work out what you can do without.

Im not trying to be down on apple here just trying to stem the calls i get everytime apple drop a major feature and dazzle us with other new features.

I live in that strange place called the real world. It can get a bit lonely here but do feel free to join me.

If you want to know which plugins you will loose. Firstly make sure all your plugins are uptodate then open logic in 64 bit. Now when you go to choose a plugin any that appear only in the 32bit bridge will not work in the Logic Pro X.

I really dont understand this move, regardless of the motive which is probably resource base it feels like "work our way or not at all" 

by contrast Ableton Live is available in 32 bit or 64 bit and there is even a helpful article explaining the benefits of both.

Anyway I might make a little video later today demonstrating how to check compatibility if i get time but to summaries

be aware that logic is now 64bit only and no longer supports snow leopard.

So as a final thought for this morning when budgeting for upgrading consider all plugins and software that might also have a cost to get to the real cost of this upgrade. Look beyond the blinkered salesman telling you its $199. One cant help feeling, rightly or wrongly, that there is a link between the drop in price and the lack of resources required to support a software that is backward compatible and works on multiple operating systems

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