Firstly at a risk of repeating myself the stuff below is my opinion and nothing more. Oh and this is not a finished doc but I thought I would put t up whilst I’m working on it

Anyone using 8 buy 9 as it seems a hell of a lot more stable and a lot of bugs seem to have been addressed although only time will tell. There are a lot of great new features in 9 which I’m hoping will calm down those of you out there who are a little bit, shall we say annoyed, yes lets keep this polite, at how long we have had to wait for any form of update to fix some serious issues in 8. Although this update is a tad expensive if you just wanted a stable 8, if you factor in the new features its damn good value. Personally its worth it just to have a decent project data import. Hooray !

The convert audio to an EXS cut up instrument with a midi file is fantastic and finally gets me around the more long winded way I arrive at the same thing using recycle. Unless I’m missing something they haven’t reintroduced the ability to name the audio independent of the track name, which was an area that logic had the edge on tools. This does leave me momentarily speechless especially after being reassured that “apple are listening”.

I cannot over emphasize the importance of this upgrade there are many subtle improvements and then a few things that are landmarks.

Vari speed, slow down your arrangement to record in stuff beyond your ability. This is the most obvious use but there are many others, including the ability to just change the tempo of an arrangement subtly to check that the tempo you decided on after 18 coffee’s actually makes sense today! You can also pitch change an entire arrangement to check the key with a singer or get that one note thats causing problems after the party last night.

Import Project data. This is a great implementation and far more thorough than the drag and drop of the past. Being able to decided exactly what you want from an arrangement. On this subject you might find that importing stuff from a logic 7 project to a new 9 project more stable than just working in your logic 7 song on 9. I have yet to really experiment in this area but it might be a way around all the issues people have had with unstable 7 projects in 8. I’ll let you know when I’ve spanked it ;-)

The Flex tool is marvelous. A lot of these tools have uses far beyond the obvious. Be aware that this tool doesnt always translate between machines so I would suggest that once you have completed your edit consolidate your audio.

Beyond fixing lead vocals you have . .

Lining up BVs

Fixing holes in Foley

Rephrasing during song writing

syncing audio to video

Guitar pedal board. I think to guitarists or people who dig messing with pedals this will justify the upgrade, although if apple intend to compete in this field they should look to the competition and fill in the gaps. Have i missed something or is there no form of pitch whammy style guitar effects?

The Focus window can really catch you out since 8. I get a lot of calls from people who think a key command has stopped working when actually they are focused on the wrong window. I must check whether there is a way of reverting some of these keys to global. I .E. if you want to add a track to the arrangement it shouldn’t matter what window you are in if all windows are set to reflect each other

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