We do sessions world wide. Obviously all expenses have to be covered and we like a good faith deposit of 50% of the initial booked time but we can and do travel to anywhere there's a track to be mixed or a mind to be broadened. The more notice the better though as we often have to shuffle other sessions when globe trotting.


As much info on the equipment, we will be working on, is also useful, so that we can prepare and bring anything we might need regarding samples, mic pre amps or swimming trunks. It's also good to know roughly the style of your work and what you need from our services. As well as programming we also cowrite, and produce with vocalists. Some times a singer might have some lyrics and a basic melody structure but require someone with an ear to put it to music and make it kick. We are not jack of all trade cats though, working only in Logic ,Protools and only on music created with passion that has to groove.

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