For the Gearheads who need a little inspiration. 

Out of the box in the real world we have plummed in and "ready to record ". . . 

Access Virus, Wurli, Hammond, Roland VK9 ( late 70’s with Revo leslie), Yamaha CP70 (seen better days ), Pearl Export kit, Remo drum Kit, Roland S760, Oberheim DPX1, Novation Nova, bass pedals, fender jazz bass, a collection of random guitars, yamaha string synth,Valve amps, 

Foot pedals to mess things up by Moog, Digitech, Roland, Line 6, Mutronics

Outboard by Avalon, focusrite, Presonus ,Universal Audio, Mutronics etc

In the box

Protools HD3 Accel, 96, 192 interfaces Waves Mercury TDM, URS complete vintage collection, Sound toys TDM, Logic Pro, Reason, Ableton Live fully expanded, Native Instruments Maschine interface and software. Digidesign Procontrol flying faders with optional fader pack and edit pack for full surround capabilities. Virtual MS20 and Controller.

Native Instruments Kontakt 2,3,4,5, Guitar Rig, Absynth, Massive,

Genelec, KRK, B and W , NS10s

Room 1

Is this kind of our main vibing area or chaos 

Room 2

Logic Pro with 24 fader automation, Waves Diamond, URS complete vintage collection. Ableton Live complete, ProTools Native  (fully expanded) Sound Toys native. Native Instruments Komplete, Maschine etc. FCP and Arkaos

KRK, Missions, NS10s.

Room 3

mainly film capture room (Hd and 4k )although also has logic pro and protools avaialble on request. Its a nice room to step away from the main rig on a busy session too. Check you mail or make it your office for your stay

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